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  • 03/15/2016 4:41 PM | Anonymous

    Location: Arlington, VA

    CEB, Talent Management Labs

    About the Organization

    CEB is a best practice insight and technology company. The Talent Management Group at CEB is a primary line of business focused on helping our customers set their talent strategies and meet their talent management goals in employee assessment, selection, development, and performance management. Our products improve business performance by allowing our customers to realize the value and potential of people.

    CEB’s Talent Management Lab is the principle Research and Development (R&D) arm of CEB’s Talent Management Group. The Lab conducts research in the field of Talent Management and is tasked with ensuring that CEB’s products are based on the most advanced, and applicable, science.

    About the Job

    CEB (NYSE: CEB) is seeking an experienced psychometrician, data scientist, and/or researcher to join our team as a Research Scientist (RS).  The Research Scientist is a core role on the Talent Management (TM) Labs team and is responsible for working on a variety, and potentially multiple, projects.  In this position, the RS will be asked to take a primary role in a number of projects seeking to create practical talent management insight from our growing talent data assets.  The RS will be part of team dedicated to collecting, measuring, modeling, and predicting talent-related outcomes – using both primary data and aggregate combinations of CEB’s growing talent-related data assets. This role will require strong quantitative research and data management skills.  It will also require strong “network performance,” which includes coordinating with multiple internal departments, senior stakeholders, and team members to complete their work.

    Job Duties

    Serve as a principal contributor to Talent Management Data Lab projects by:

    • Leading efforts to define and apply new talent related metrics and measures – including new methods and data taxonomies.
    • Leading efforts to develop and advance data collection standards for contextual (demographic, firmographic, etc.) data.
    • Help define and establish firm-wide metric standards, including benchmarks, norms and outcome measures.
    • Driving development and global adoption of standardized, integrated approaches to measuring, modeling and applying data for clients using CEB products and services, particularly personality and competency assessments
    • Building and testing predictive models for talent outcomes of interest to executives, with an initial focus on selection analytics for use in hiring.
    • Managing and coaching one or two direct reports in their work to develop and deploy domain-specific data assets in a Big Data environment

    Serve as a supporting contributor to larger Talent Management Lab projects by:

    • Designing and applying instruments to collect and prepare data in support of research, validation and development projects.
    • Executing advanced model testing and analysis using multiple analytic methods from statistics, econometrics, forecasting, etc.
    • Collaborating with other researchers and research teams to ensure all research conforms to the highest quality standards and is aligned with similar or relevant work happening across CEB.
    • Presenting research findings to internal stakeholders and clients.

    Job Qualifications

    Advanced degree in an applied research oriented discipline, with experience in quantitative research on, and the management of large data sets.

    • Preferred: PhD or equivalent in Psychometrics, Applied Statistics, Mathematics or a quantitatively oriented Social Science discipline, including Policy Analysis, Industrial & Organizational Psychology, and Economics, with 1-3 years demonstrated experience conducting research on large data sets in an applied setting.
    • Considered: Masters in the Social Sciences (as above), with at least 3 years demonstrated experience conducting research on large data sets in an applied setting.

    Applied research experience should focus on advanced measurement and modeling in support of business management, workforce management, and social and/or policy analysis.  Including activities such as:

    • Collecting, managing (improving) and analyzing both structured and unstructured data.
    • Creating and validating measures of complex variables and or constructs for use in research and modeling.
    • Hypothesis generation and testing using established analytical models and techniques, with required expertise in linear regression/general linear models, exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, and structural equation modeling.
    • Additional expertise in cost-benefit analysis, decision analysis, hierarchical linear modeling, time series analysis, psychometrics, cluster analysis, and mixture modeling preferred.
    • Evaluating solutions, policies, and identifying best practice management solutions

    Qualifications and demonstrated proficiency in:

    • Using statistical, data management and visualization applications, such as R, Python and D3
    • Working in Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)
    • Conceiving and executing research projects and tasks.
    • Interpreting the practical utility and significance of results of analyses to business executives
    • Communicating findings and recommendations to executive and expert audiences in reports and presentations
    • Managing a small team of direct reports.
    • Data Science or a clearly articulated interest in developing the relevant skills

    How to Apply

    To be considered for this position, you MUST apply to CEB’s Careers website: Please reference job number 53410.


  • 03/15/2016 4:36 PM | Anonymous

    Location: Arlington, VA

    CEB, Talent Management Labs

    About the Organization

    CEB is a best practice insight and technology company. The Talent Management Group at CEB is a primary line of business focused on helping our customers set their talent strategies and meet their talent management goals in employee assessment, selection, development, and performance management. Our products improve business performance by allowing our customers to realize the value and potential of people.

    CEB’s Talent Management Lab is the principle Research and Development (R&D) arm of CEB’s Talent Management Group. The Lab conducts research in the field of Talent Management and is tasked with ensuring that CEB’s products are based on the most advanced, and applicable, science.

    About the Job

    CEB (NYSE: CEB) is seeking to add a trained researcher or analyst to our team as either a Senior Research Analyst (SRAN) or Research Analyst (RAN) – role depending on demonstrated skills and experience.  SRANs and RANs are core contributors on the Talent Management Labs team.  They support our Research Scientists in conducting of a wide variety of research and development projects across the Labs and CEB by providing research, analytical and data management support as part of a research/project team.  Lab projects are directed at creating new talent management insights (frameworks and models); developing analytic and data capabilities; or “proving” the viability of new technologies and techniques for CEB’s core business lines.  This role will require strong “network performance;” which includes coordinating with multiple internal departments, senior stakeholders, and team members to complete their work.

    Position Responsibilities

    SRANs and RANs are expected to:

    • Act as a dedicated contributor to Talent Management Labs research projects, which can include:
      • Supporting research on major talent management topics – including leadership, performance management, workforce planning, employee retention, etc.
      • Assisting with R&D to develop new assessment solutions or techniques – including measurement of personality, cognition, and behavior.
      • Helping to build and test analytic models to predict talent management outcomes – including employee performance, retention, “job fit,” engagement, etc.
    • Conduct literature reviews and online research to assist in research design and scoping
    • Help create instruments to collect data in support of multiple research, validation and development projects.
    • Support advanced model testing and analysis using multiple methods from statistics, econometrics, forecasting, etc.
    • Collaborate with other researchers and research teams to ensure all research tasks are completed to the highest quality standards.
    • Serve as a cross-team resource -- providing support to multiple research project and helping to ensure cross-project consistency and learning.
    • Write and revise technical documents as required to summarize project findings and implications.
    • Help create presentations of research findings for delivery to internal stakeholders and clients.

    Education, Experience and Qualifications

    Degree in a research oriented discipline, with experience in quantitative research and methods.

    • Preferred: MA/MS in Policy Analysis, Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Political Science, Economics, or Mathematics/Statistics, with 1-3 years applied work experience.
    • Considered: BA/BS with 3 or more years of experience conducting research in an applied setting (see below).

    Research experience – total of 2-4 years of applied and academic experience conducting research on business management, workforce management, and social and/or policy related issues.

    • Applying analytical models and techniques (e.g., regression, factor analysis)
    • Hypothesis generation and testing
    • Evaluating solutions, policies, and identifying best practice management solutions
    • Collecting and analyzing both structured and unstructured data.

    Qualifications and demonstrated proficiency or track record in (or strong aptitude to learn quickly):

    • Using statistical and analytical software, such as R, SPSS or STATA
    • Working in Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)
    • Contributing to team-based projects.
    • Translating objectives into actionable work plans and analyses.
    • Independent contribution – self-setting work plans and objectives and managing work processes independently
    • Communicating clearly, listening, and learning.

    How to Apply

    To be considered for this position, you MUST apply to CEB’s Careers website: Please reference job number 53187.

  • 03/14/2016 1:45 PM | Anonymous

    Location: Washington, DC Metro Area 

    Global Skills X-Change (GSX)

    About the Organization

    Global Skills X-Change is a professional services firm the specializes in designing workforce and educational strategies and processes, which allow customers to meet their specific performance goals. The GSX core business model revolves around defining functional competency models and developing valid and reliable assessment tools as the foundation of credentialing and educational programs.

    About the Job

    GSX is looking to hire an experienced Industrial/Organizational Psychologist for an on-site position within a government agency. The position will support a professional certification program. Ideal candidates will have a strong understanding of test development, psychometric analysis, and the federal sector. 


    • Support the development and delivery of a professional certification
    • Provide psychometric analysis for the certification assessments
    • Work with subject matter experts to develop cut scores for newly developed assessments
    • Engage and inform community professionals about certification and building policies and procedures of the program
    • Provide technical support to the certification team


    • Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology required
    • Seven years of professional experience required
    • Experience with certification and/or test development
    • Proficient in Excel and SPSS
    • Must currently possess an active TS/SCI clearance

    How to Apply

    If interested, please send your resume to:

  • 03/09/2016 8:07 AM | Anonymous

    U.S. Office of Personnel Management

    Location: Washington, D.C.

    About the Organization

    The U.S. Office of Personnel Management works to recruit, retain and honor a world-class workforce for the American people.  This position is located in Employee Services, Recruitment and Hiring, Classification and Assessment Policy (CAP).  This group is responsible for developing and maintaining competency profiles and assessment guidance, tools, and strategies for occupations across the Federal Government. 


    CAP psychologists:

    • Serve as a technical resource to other OPM units and Federal agencies on classification, qualification, competency, and assessment policy matters.
    • Draft and/or implement Federal policies, guidance and tools on employee selection, and advise agency personnel on implementing effective assessment strategies.  
    • Conduct research of considerable scope and complexity addressing problems in human resource management, applied industrial/organizational or social psychology.
    • Through research, conduct job analyses, evaluations, examinations, or other fact finding studies.

    Job Qualifications

    Applicants must have successfully completed a full 4 year course of study in an accredited college or university leading to a bachelors or higher degree with a major equivalent in psychology.

    For the GS-11 Grade Level:  Applicants must have one year of specialized experience at the GS-09 grade level (or equivalent) performing statistical analysis and other Industrial/Organizational Psychology duties such as: conducting job analyses/test validation; and developing tests/assessment tools consistent with professional and legal requirements (e.g., the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures).


    A Master's degree or equivalent degree in Industrial / Organizational Psychology or other related field.


    An equivalent combination of specialized experience and graduate level education.

    For the GS-12 Grade Level:  Applicants must have one year one year of specialized experience at the GS-11 grade level (or equivalent) performing statistical analyses, conducting job analyses/test validation and other Industrial/Organizational Psychology duties such as: developing tests/assessment tools consistent with professional and legal requirements (e.g., the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures); and applying existing methods and techniques to solve problems in Human Resources Management or Industrial/Organizational Psychology.


    Have a Ph.D. or equivalent doctoral degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology or related field.


    Have an equivalent combination of specialized experience and graduate level education.

    To Apply

    Two selections will be made.  These positions are being filled at grade level 11/12.  See vacancy announcement(s) for full details or to apply on or before March 17, 2016: (Current federal employees, Merit/Status applicants) (All US Citizens)

  • 02/29/2016 8:43 AM | Anonymous

    Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Food and Drug Administration

    Location: Rockville, MD 

    About the Organization

    Become a part of the Department that touches the lives of every American!  At the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) you can give back to your community, state, and country by making a difference in the lives of Americans everywhere.  It is the principal agency for protecting the health of citizens.  Join HHS and help to make our world healthier, safer, and better for all Americans.

    About the Job

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM), Office of Management (OM), Talent Development Staff (TDS) is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Personnel Psychologists GS-0180-09 and GS-11 levels. The full performance level of this position is the GS-13 grade level in the Federal Service. TDS manages the Talent Development Learning Center (TDLC) to deliver training, education, and professional development services to the CVM workforce.  It promotes CVM as a learning organization through a continuous, life-long learning process of inquiry and improvement that keeps pace with the speed of change. TDS also manages the CVM eLearning Program and administers the CVM Learning Management System (LMS) in a continuous effort to provide high quality, computer-based learning opportunities that are accessible, convenient, time efficient, and cost effective.

    As a Personnel Psychologist you will design and develop training and development programs as well as workplace assessment tools for the assessment of individuals and the evaluation of CVM’s training and development programs. You will gather and analyze information to contribute to the development of training materials, employee development programs, and training and development initiatives. Additionally you will research and recommend innovative ways to affect and implement change pertaining to the Center’s training and development programs.

    Job Qualifications

    Applicants must be U.S. citizens and have experience assisting in designing training and development programs, assisting in developing assessment tools for the evaluation of training and development programs, and conducting research and analyses of workplace training data to measure the effectiveness of training programs. This position is offered for the GS-09 and GS-11 levels; please view the full job posting for more details on the qualifications for each. 

    How to Apply

    This position is open from Tuesday February 23, 2016 to Monday March 7th, 2016. To learn more about the position or to complete the application, please visit this page::

  • 02/23/2016 4:09 PM | Anonymous

    CAMRIS International, Inc.

    About the Organization

    CAMRIS International is an international development and research firm that offers customized, cost effective, and sustainable solutions across a broad spectrum of sectors to a wide range of domestic and international clients. Our core practice areas include Global Health, Agriculture and Food Safety, Economic Development, Education, Environment, Humanitarian Aid and Assistance, Democracy and Governance, and Medical Research. Our core cross cutting service areas include Capacity Building and Institutional Reform, Knowledge Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Communications, and Management Information Systems. With experience working in more than 80 countries around the world, we combine our proven systems with today's most effective, evidence-based best practices to improve the lives of people around the world.

    About the Job

    CAMRIS International is seeking an Human Resource Assistant to support the Administrative, Management & Organizational Services (AMOS II) FOR NMRC. This program will provide administrative, managerial, and organizational type services in support of military medical research, including budgets, operational surveys, studies, and analyses on matters related to the NMRC mission at Silver Spring, MD. The mission of NMRC is to conduct research, development, tests, and evaluations to enhance the health, safety, and readiness of Navy and Marine Corps personnel in the effective performance of peacetime and contingency missions and to perform other functions as directed by higher authority. The services shall include performing office functions such as setting up and maintaining files, arranging meeting and conferences, receiving or answering mail, answering telephones and greeting individuals. May assist in reviewing drafts and finished documents for appropriate grammatical usage, and answer questions related to office operations. May assist with the gathering, collecting, recording, and verifying data of multiple sources, with the capabilities of utilizing software to compile and generate reports, statistics, timelines, tables, graphs, correspondence, and presentations.

    Job Responsibilities

    • Assist civilian personnel with manpower and/or human resources inquiries.
    • Assist the HR Manager in analyzing and implementing all HR requirement IAW governing policies.
    • Assist in the development, drafting and/or modification of Professional Descriptions
    • Assist the Human Resource Specialist with processing verifying, and maintaining personnel related documentation, including staffing, recruitment, training, grievances, performance evaluations, classifications, and employee leaves of absence.
    • Assist with informing agency personnel policies, benefits, and procedures to employees or job applicants.
    • Record data for each employee, including such information as addresses, weekly earnings, absences, amount of sales or production, supervisory reports on performance, and dates of and reasons for terminations.
    • Assist with gathering personnel records from other departments or employees.
    • Assist with inquiries regarding examinations, eligibility, salaries, benefits, and other pertinent information.
    • Compile and prepare reports and documents pertaining to personnel activities.
    • Assist with information from law enforcement officials, previous employers, and other references to determine applicants' employment acceptability.
    • Assist with advertising job vacancies and notify eligible workers of position availability.
    • The individual shall be a highly motivated individual to serve as a Defense Human
      Resources Assistant (Administrative). This position will average 40 hours per week.
      Experience with help desk or customer service operations.
      Analytical and organizational skills. Team building skills.
      Experience with the suite of Microsoft Office applications (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access).
      Ability to work under tight deadlines and prioritize multiple tasks.
      Above average professional and technical vocabulary.
      Knowledge of Civilian Manpower Reporting Systems.

    Job Requirements

    Minimum of an Associate's Degree (Business and/or Human Resource Management); (or related field) or/ at least three years of experience with Human Resources and thoroughly familiar with processing human resource documentation and has established professional knowledge and skills specified to the subject matter.

    How to Apply

    To apply for this position, please follow this link:

  • 02/16/2016 6:05 PM | Anonymous

    American Institutes for Research (AIR)

    Location: Washington, DC

    About the Organization

    The American Institutes for Research (AIR) is one of the leading behavioral and social science research organizations in the world. We have been at the forefront of applied research to enhance the performance of individuals and organizations since our founder, John Flanagan, began developing combat pilot selection procedures to identify candidates who were best suited for these high-stress jobs.

    Through innovative research and the application of evidence-based practices, AIR supports the development of high performance individuals, teams, and organizations. Our work encompasses the entire employment life cycle—workforce preparedness, recruitment, selection, talent management, training and professional development, retention, and more—and provides our public and private sector clients with unique insight and solutions. Our experts apply research-based principles in developing the knowledge, tools, systems, and programs required for maximizing human and organizational potential in the 21st century.

    AIR is currently seeking a part-time Test Editor with expertise in Human Resources for our Washington, D.C. (Georgetown) office.

    About the Job

    The HR Test Editor will develop multiple-choice knowledge and passage-based items for a standardized, internationally administered credentialing exam, in which tasks include, but are not limited to, reviewing, editing, and writing items; assigning, tracking, and reviewing item writing assignments; establishing, training, and maintaining a pool of item writers; reviewing and evaluating item performance; and tracking and maintaining an item bank.

    Job Qualifications

    Requires a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s is preferred, in Human Resources as well as 10+ years of experience as an HR professional. Proficiency with MS Office Suite. HR certification is preferred. Excellent writing skill is necessary. Teaching experience of undergraduate level HR or certification preparation courses is preferred. Test development experience is desirable.

    How to Apply

    For more information, please visit our website at To apply, please go to Candidates must apply online for consideration. EOE.

  • 02/12/2016 10:37 AM | Anonymous

    PDRI, a CEB Company

    Location: Washington, DC Metro Areas



    PDRI, a CEB company, is currently looking for highly driven and talented individuals to join our fast-paced consulting organization in the Washington metro area.


    PDRI is a premier talent management consulting firm with a 40 year history of designing, developing, and implementing customized and innovative solutions to meet complex, sensitive, and unique challenges. Our consultants work in a team-based environment to identify client needs and develop and implement custom solutions to meet those needs. As part of CEB, we leverage insights from what the best companies do to help organizations solve their toughest problems.  


    PDRI offers its employees challenging and engaging work, outstanding career growth opportunities, a competitive salary and benefits, generous profit sharing and bonus programs, 401K with matching contributions, a stock purchase plan, a flexible work environment, and opportunities for professional development. 


    Our typical Performance Impact projects include: 

    • Designing and implementing performance management systems
    • Supporting private sector talent management consulting projects and associated  product implementation
    • Creating and implementing leadership development programs
    • Developing and implementing communication and engagement strategies
    • Providing coaching and training services

    PDRI team members have the opportunity to be part of an organization that has a reputation for high-quality, tailored, end-to-end solutions for clients in the public and private sectors. The ideal candidate will be able to lead and contribute to complex projects as well as inspire confidence and provide high-quality services to our clients.



    • Solid client skills a must
    • Outstanding critical thinking and writing skills
    • The ability to communicate well and make compelling presentations to customers
    • A high level of attention to detail
    • Solid knowledge of core Industrial/Organizational Psychology topics such as performance management, leadership development, and organizational assessment
    • Flexibility, enthusiasm, and teamwork skills
    • A Bachelor's or Master’s degree
    • 0-4 years of Talent Management consulting experience
    • U.S. citizenship

    CEB is a best practice insight and technology company. In partnership with leading organizations around the globe, we develop innovative solutions to drive corporate performance. CEB equips leaders at more than 10,000 companies with the intelligence to effectively manage talent, customers, and operations. CEB is a trusted partner to 90% of the Fortune 500, nearly 75% of the Dow Jones Asian Titans, and more than 85% of the FTSE 100. More at


    Known as an innovative growth firm, CEB is hiring experienced professionals and early careerists within a variety of intellectually stimulating careers. Learn more about our global opportunities at

    Job Consulting

    Primary LocationUSA-DC OFFICE-North Kent - PDRI Suite


    Click here to apply



    Other open positions include:

  • 02/08/2016 6:28 PM | Anonymous

    International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), Training and Professional Services

    Location: Alexandria, VA

    About the Organization

    IACP serves the leaders of today and develops the leaders of tomorrow. IACP is dedicated to advancing the law enforcement profession through advocacy, outreach, education and programs.

    About the Job

    As a team member at the Center for Professional Services, you will be part of providing consulting services to police agencies in management studies, personnel testing, assessment centers, and executive search.

    Job Responsibilities 

    • Management Studies, Testing, Assessment Center, and Executive Search Consulting Services (80%): Acts as a member of the consulting team, developing and delivering services to client agencies.
    • Designs, develops, and delivers consulting services to agencies on a contract basis for management studies, personnel testing, assessment center, and executive search services. Provides organizationally effective, job-related, and legally defensible solutions to client challenges.
    • Assists in proposal development, design and delivery of services (such as organizational data analysis, job analyses, written examinations, and assessment centers), maintenance of budget, records retention, and collaboration with consultants.
    • Maintains client relationships and facilitates communication with all stakeholders from project initiation to conclusion.
    • Assists in design, development, and marketing of professional services.
      • Administrative Services (20%): Provides administrative support to the cost center.
    • Types and reproduces management studies, assessment centers, and written testing materials.
    • Drafts and types proposals, correspondence, and reports.
    • Maintains text database of examination materials.
    • Scans and analyzes survey data and examinations; and produces reports.
    • Creates and maintains file systems and archives.
    • Maintains database of executive search candidates and manages associated correspondence.
    • Manages fiscal control and accounting for billing on projects.
    • Assists with liaison duties to committees and sections
    • Tracks project expenses and reports on project budgets
    • Other job-related duties as assigned.

    Minimum Qualifications


    Bachelor degree in relevant field.  Formal training in human resources, organizational analysis, and psychological measurement preferred.

    Relevant Experience

    Minimum of five (5) years relevant professional experience. Such experience should be directly relevant to the duties and skills described above. Experience in law enforcement is preferred but not required. Advanced education in organizational analysis, industrial/organizational psychology or related disciplines may be substituted for experience requirements.

    Skill Requirements

    • Subject matter knowledge in the areas of organizational analysis, development and validation of written examinations and assessment centers, and executive search methodologies.
    • Knowledge and ability to conduct analyses of numerical data, including use of related computer programs such as Excel.
    • Excellent written, oral communication and editorial skills.  Advanced level Word and intermediate level Excel skills and 50 wpm typing.
    • Ability to maintain confidentiality, meet deadlines and work under time constraints. 
    • Requires attention to detail, project and time management skills and ability to produce error-free output.

    How to Apply

    All applications must be received by February 26, 2016. For more details on the application process or the organization, please follow the links below: 


  • 02/08/2016 6:27 PM | Anonymous

    Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Department of Homeland Security

    Location: Arlington, VA

    About the Organization

    At the Transportation Security Administration, you will serve in a high-stakes environment to safeguard the American way of life and support the agency’s mission to protect the Nation's transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce.

    About the Job

    We are seeking a full-time Personnel Psychologist to join our dynamic team located in the Assessment branch of the Strategic Organizational Design and Assessments Division, Office of Human Capital (OHC), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

     This rewarding position includes the following requirements and duties:

    • Developing project plans, milestones, managing resources, and directing project support staff and contractors. Leading all phases of project execution to ensure high quality and timely deliverables.
    • Planning and conducting comprehensive Job analyses and competency modeling studies requiring extensive research, literature reviews, and focus groups to support effective data collection, survey design, and subsequent data analysis.
    • Developing and validating tests for use in selection and certification testing. Developing performance criteria and collecting data for criterion-related validity studies. Analyzing tests for validity, reliability, adverse impact, and differential prediction. Developing norms and standards for use in employment decisions.
    • Designing and conducting TSA-wide surveys to assess workforce attitudes and measure issues such as satisfaction, retention, and employee engagement. Analyzing survey data and preparing briefings/reports of findings and making recommendations for action planning.
    • Serving as technical expert on employee assessment and overseeing contract support on assessment projects. Communicating technical information to a wide variety of audiences, including TSA leadership, management, and stakeholders. Collaborating with project team, stakeholders, and contractors to conduct assessment projects

    Job Requirements

    SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE for this position includes applying knowledge of industrial/organizational psychology, and demonstrated experience in at least one (1) of the following areas: applying test theory (i.e., classical test theory, item response theory) and psychometric methodology to develop and validate personnel tests (e.g., cognitive assessments, situational judgment tests, personality measures), and/or applying knowledge of organizational survey techniques to develop and analyze large-scale personnel surveys (i.e., attitudinal measures, job analysis surveys).

    How to Apply

    Applications are being accepted for this position from 2/3/16- 2/18/16. 

    For a complete description of qualifications, benefits and information on how to apply, go to:

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