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Welcome to the PTCMW Awards page. This page outlines all of the PTCMW Awards, including past winners and nomination information. If you have any questions, please contact the PTCMW past-president

Stephen E. Bemis Memorial Award

As a sponsoring organization, each year PTCMW submits a nomination in partnership with IPAC to the Stephen E. Bemis Memorial Award Selection Committee for consideration. The Stephen E. Bemis Memorial Award is jointly sponsored by many of the nation’s major assessment and testing associations. The purpose of the award is to recognize and honor an outstanding individual who demonstrates the qualities of Stephen Bemis. Each year, the award is presented at the IPAC annual conference.

Past Recipients

 Year  Recipient
 2020Michael Aamodt 





Deborah Whetzel

Marianne Tonjes

Elaine Pulakos

T.R. Lin

Dan Putka
Shelley Langan
 2013Brian O’Leary
 2012Rod Freudenberg
 2011Jeff Feuquay
 2010Deborah Gebhardt
 2009Edward Hane
 2008Kristine Smith
 2007Carla Swander
 2006Michael Willihnganz
 2005Ilene Gast
 2004Mary Anne Nester
 2003Dennis Joiner
 2002Harry Brull
 2001Paul Kaiser
 2000Robert Guion
 1999James Johnson
 1998Donna Denning
 1997Doris Maye
 1996James Sharf
 1995Richard McKillip
 1994Wayne Cascio
 1993Anita Ford
 1992Nancy Abrams
 1991Barbara Showers
 1990Karen Coffee
 1989Bruce Davey
 1988Al Maslow
 1987Ted Darany
 1986Glenn McClung & Charles Sproule

Criteria for Award Selection

PTCMW members nominate individuals who demonstrate all three of the following attributes:

  • An accomplished personnel measurement practitioner who is recognized for his/her on-going commitment to the principles of merit and fairness;

  • A professional who has made an impact in the field by his/her practical contributions(s) that have either resulted in an improved or new procedure; and

  • A concerned individual who is recognized for his/her commitment to assisting fellow practitioners, being available to them, and freely calling on them.

To Submit a Nomination

Please include the following details with your recommendation:

The name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address of the nominee; and the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses of two individuals who are familiar with the contributions and personal qualities of the nominee.

The chair of the nominations committee will then submit all recommendations received to the PTCMW Board for a decision. When a decision is made, the board will submit a complete nomination packet to IPAC for their consideration.

For more information, please visit

Please send nominations to: President-Elect at


PTCMW Service Award

The PTCMW Service Award is a unique award which recognizes individuals for their service to PTCMW and support in achieving the goals and mission of PTCMW. Established in 1977, PTCMW and its members seek to advance the science and practice of I-O psychology and related fields through high-value professional growth and networking opportunities. Connecting with other I-O psychologists, sharing the latest research and applied approaches, and growing as a profession are what members expect of PTCMW.

2019 PTCMW Service Award Recipient:

Martha E. Hennen, Ph.D.

Summary of Award Process

  • PTCMW members of professional associations submit nominations
  • Past PTCMW Presidents vote to choose recipient
  • The award is presented during PTCMW's annual Fall Event
Past Recipients

 Year  Recipient
 2019Martha Hennen 



Ilene Gast

Dan Putka

 2016 Ted Rosen
 2015 Ted Hayes
Lance Seberhagen
Jean Linehan

Criteria for Award Selection

Individuals nominated for this award should most nearly emulate and provide support for the tenets that PTCMW was founded on. The award is given to individuals who have volunteered significant time to further the goals of PTCMW as a member of PTCMW. These activities may include (but are not limited to): serving as a member of the PTCMW board or as a PTCMW committee member or volunteer, presenting at PTCMW events, or otherwise exchanging ideas and best practices with members of the PTCMW community. Nominees do not need to be a current member of PTCMW.

Thank you for your contribution in helping recognize people for their service to PTCMW and the I-O community.

To Submit a Nomination

Submissions for this award should specifically explain how the nominee has met the criteria listed above.

Please use the following procedures:

1. Include contact information (see nomination form below):

a. The name, telephone number, and e-mail address of the nominee;

b. The name, telephone number, and e-mail address of at least one person who is familiar with the contributions to PTCMW and personal qualities of the nominee; and

c. The name, telephone number, and e-mail address of the person who prepared the nomination (if different from b. above).

2. Provide a narrative:

a. A description of the nominee's prior and on-going commitment to PTCMW and the I-O community (e.g., through colleague or board member testimonials); and

b. Listing of PTCMW board and/or committee positions held, PTCMW event participation, and general impact to PTCMW and the I-O community.

Please provide as much pertinent information as possible. It is advisable to include information regarding the results of the nominee's contribution(s) and actions, as well as a description of the contribution itself.

Please send nominations to: President-Elect at


PTCMW Lifetime Achievement Award

Information for this award coming soon!

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