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  • 06/27/2016 7:57 AM | Anonymous

    Global Skills X-Change (GSX)

    Location: Washington, DC Metro Area 

    About the Organization

    Global Skills X-Change is a professional services firm the specializes in designing workforce and educational strategies and processes, which allow customers to meet their specific performance goals. The GSX core business model revolves around defining functional competency models and developing valid and reliable assessment tools as the foundation of credentialing and educational programs.

    About the Job

    GSX is looking to hire an experienced Industrial/Organizational Psychologist for an on-site position within a government agency. The position will support a Research and Assessment Division. Ideal candidates will have a strong understanding of development, implementation, and maintenance of effective assessments for personnel selection, promotion, career development, and organizational effectiveness.

    Job Responsibilities

    • Develop and validate personnel selection tools
    • Utilize qualitative and quantitative research approaches to answer practical questions
    • Analyze HR data related to hiring, retention, and workforce analysis
    • Participate in research studies to evaluate the effectiveness of existing systems and tools
    • Draft technical and non-technical reports

    Job Qualifications

    • Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology required
    • Ten years of professional experience required
    • Proficient in Excel and SPSS
    • Must currently possess an active Secret clearance

    How to Apply

    If interested, please send your resume to:

  • 06/27/2016 7:52 AM | Anonymous

    Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

    Location: Washington, D.C.

    About the Organization

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is looking for the best and brightest to join our team. Our mission includes advocating for investors who seek to secure a future for their family, providing guidance and regulations for the nation's securities industry in an increasingly global market, and taking action with an eye toward promoting the capital formation necessary to sustain economic growth.

    The primary mission of OEEO is to foster equality of employment opportunity so that SEC employees and applicants have the working environment that supports them in their efforts to protect investors and maintain the integrity of the securities markets.

     About the Job

    This position is in the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity (OEEO) located in Washington, DC.

    If selected, you will join a well-respected team that serves as a Management and Program Analyst (Data Analyst).

    Typical Duties Include:

    • Provide statistical advice and recommendations concerning statistical methods and procedures as applied to the analysis of workforce demographics and other data;
    • Design the methods, tools, and execution plans for studies, surveys, and/or focus groups;
    • Pull and collect data, prepare that data for analysis, and conduct statistical analysis using a variety of statistical tests;
    • Evaluate large databases of workforce data to produce accurate analysis and reports, studies, dashboards and briefing materials that reflect the Agency's progress in identifying and eliminating barriers to equality of opportunity.
    • Utilize a wide-range of available data sources, including comparing Agency data against other financial regulatory agencies, the federal government and the securities and financial industry, to identify trends, statistical significance and potential barriers to equal employment opportunity.
    • Identify additional data sources and relevant benchmarks to measure and evaluate program effectiveness.
    • Present complex data in a manner utilizing effective data visualization methods, including line, pie, bar and other innovative tools.
    • Respond to requests from internal stakeholders for ad hoc studies and reports.
    • Collaborate with internal and external partners to gather and interpret data as well as improve data collection processes.
    •  Collaborate on the preparation of special studies and reports reflecting the status of OEEO programs and projects, such as barrier analyses.

    Job Qualifications

    All qualification requirements, including time-in-grade, must be met by the closing date of this announcement.

    Time-in-grade for this announcement is one year at the GS/SK-14 level.

    Qualifying experience may be obtained in the private or public sector. Experience refers to paid and unpaid experience, including volunteer work done through National Service programs (e.g., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) and other organizations (e.g., professional; philanthropic; religious; spiritual; community, student, social).  Volunteer work helps build critical competencies, knowledge, and skills and can provide valuable training and experience that translates directly to paid employment.  You will receive credit for all qualifying experience, including volunteer experience. Additional qualifications information can be found here.


    SK-14:  Applicant must have at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS/SK-13 using various methods to analyze data sets of various sizes from a variety of sources, assessing the significance of data, and providing program recommendations based on the analysis to senior management; assessing the impact of data collection methods on results and identifying relevant benchmarks; developing and/or interpreting internal and/or external reporting requirements; presenting complex data in a manner accessible to non-experts and laypersons; and collaborating with others to interpret data, draft recommendations, and assess the impact of actions taken.

    How to Apply

    For more details and to apply online, visit:

  • 06/20/2016 4:50 PM | Anonymous

    UMBC MPS I/O Psychology Program

    Location: Rockville, MD

    About the Job

    We are seeking in instructor for the course, Introduction to Data Analytic Procedures in I/O Psychology (PSYC 672) for Fall 2016 (starting August 31st). This course gives students the background and the basic understanding of statistical theory and techniques required in the field of Industrial/Organizational psychology. The course provides an overview of descriptive and inferential statistics, with emphasis on statistical techniques used in the practice of I/O Psychology, including analysis of variance and multiple regression. Students are also introduced to the advanced topics of analysis of covariance, factor analysis, reliability analysis, discriminant analysis, and path analysis.

    Job Qualifications:

    • Doctorate or Master’s degree in I/O Psychology or a relevant field, e.g., psychometrics, statistics, educational measurement, be from a regionally accredited institution.
    • Course needs to be presented in the context of I/O Psychology.
    • Minimum 10 years of experience in workplace consulting, organization staff, or contracting settings.
    • Face-to-face classroom teaching experience with adult students.
    • Experience in the use of SPSS.

    Other course openings will be filled on an as-needed basis.  Courses are listed and described on the Program’s web site:

    How to Apply

    To apply, send your Resume/CV and names of two teaching references and contact data to:

    Dr. Ted Rosen, Program Director

  • 06/17/2016 6:07 PM | Anonymous
    Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

    Location: Arlington, VA

    About the Job

    This Personnel Psychologist position is located in the Workforce Assessments Branch of the Planning, Assessments and Classification Division, within the Office of Human Capital (OHC), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS). If selected for this position, you will be assisting senior staff members with conducting job analyses and developing and validating personnel assessments. Typical duties include, but are not limited to:

    • Researching relevant literature associated with selection processes and instruments, providing information and reasoning as to which assessments should be considered to improve selection processes.
    • Writing test items for a variety of positions and uses including job knowledge tests, logic-based reasoning tests, biodata Inventories, situational judgment tests and structured interviews.
    • Planning and conducting validation studies to evaluate the effectiveness of tests for predicting performance; analyzing item statistics and validation results.
    • Reviewing and implementing assessments and job knowledge tests for selection and certification of current employees.
    • Conducting data analysis and participating in special projects to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of established selection and promotional processes and providing recommendations for improvements.
    • Writing technical reports describing job analyses processes and results; documenting the development and validation of internally developed assessments and selection processes; preparing position papers, findings, and other documents that articulate findings and recommending solutions to complex industrial/organizational (l/O) Issues (e.g. selection processes/Instruments, OAS processes).

    The major duties described above reflect the full performance level of this position. Typically, the lower Pay Band (Pay Band G) performs the same duties but will receive more guidance and training; and/or projects/work assignments may be less complex.

    Job Qualifications

    Key Requirements:

    • You must possess U.S. Citizenship or be a U.S. National.
    • You must complete a favorable Background Investigation (BI).
    • You must be able to obtain and maintain a Secret Clearance.
    • Selective Service registration is required.

    DHS offers competitive salaries and an attractive benefits package, including: health, dental, vision, life, and long-term care insurance; retirement plan; Thrift Savings Plan [similar to a 401(k)]; Flexible Spending Account; Employee Assistance Program; personal leave days; and paid federal holidays. Other benefits may include: flexible work schedules; telework; tuition reimbursement; transportation subsidies; uniform allowance; health and wellness programs; and fitness centers. DHS is committed to employee development and offers a variety of employee training and developmental opportunities.

    How to Apply

    This job posting will be open from 6/15/2016 to 6/28/2016.

    To view a full descriptions and to apply, visit:

  • 06/16/2016 8:42 AM | Anonymous

    American Nurses Association

    Location: Silver Spring, MD

    About the Job

    Assessment Development Scientists ensure validity, reliability, and psychometric soundness of all certification programs, including exams, portfolio programs, and certificate programs, conduct national job analyses; train raters; and examine certificate programs. They also support item and test development, monitor item functioning and psychometric properties of forms, and facilitate standard setting meetings.

    Job Duties

    • Plan and conduct national job analyses as the basis for valid, reliable, and legally defensible ANCC certification exams, portfolio programs, and certificate programs. Coordinate with colleagues and content experts to enable recruitment and selection of volunteers. Facilitate focus groups; develop, administer, and analyze surveys; and facilitate linkage exercises and analyze data. Develop resulting task lists, knowledge and skills lists, and test blueprints (i.e., test content outlines).
    • Plan and conduct meetings with content expert panels to facilitate item writing, reviews, and updates. Coordinate with ANCC colleagues and content experts to enable recruitment and selection of experts; facilitate meetings; prepare meeting materials and review materials prepared by ANCC colleagues; and provide post-meeting summary reports to department leadership.
    • Provide psychometric services. Monitor and evaluate item and exam performance. Perform statistical analyses and review psychometric properties of the assessments. Provide ANCC colleagues with psychometric support to facilitate item writing, reviews, and updates.
    • Prepare comprehensive, summary, and other statistical reports that meet accreditation standards. Document in comprehensive (i.e., technical) reports supporting literature, methodology, and results from job analyses and standard setting meetings. Coordinate with ANCC colleagues and vendors to develop reports documenting item functioning and exam performance.
    • Oversee exam field testing and development of final forms. Coordinate with ANCC colleagues, content experts, and vendors to enable recruitment and selection of volunteers, form building, test administration, data analysis, and exam evaluation.
    • Ensure compliance with industry best practice and accreditation requirements of ANCC certification programs. Ensure all ANCC assessment development and psychometric practices are documented and consistently applied. Maintain all necessary documentation in support of ISO accreditation requirements.
    • Perform other duties as assigned to support the department’s objectives and strategic goals.

    Job Qualifications


    Master’s degree or equivalent in industrial-organizational (I/O) psychology, testing and measurement, psychometrics, research and statistics, or related field.

    Related Work Experience

    Three years of full-time professional experience, with minimum one year of project management and two years of assessment development, job analysis, psychometrics, or equivalent.


    Test construction, development of alternative items, and test validation; job analysis; research design and completion, survey development and administration, and data analysis; meeting facilitation; oral and written communication; use of office computer software (e.g., Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and statistical software (e.g., SAS, SPSS); analytical thinking; public relations and customer service; and writing technical reports.

    Additional Qualifications

    Ability to organize, manage, and complete multiple ongoing projects and tasks; accurately attend to details; adapt to changing priorities and work demands; take initiative; work autonomously with limited supervision; and work collaboratively and effectively within a team.

    How to Apply

    To apply, please visit the job posting and apply through the portal:*4C59394BE9714ED0

  • 06/14/2016 7:04 AM | Anonymous

    Institution Laureate Education, Inc.

    Location: Baltimore, MD

    About the Job

    This is a professional talent management role responsible for supporting the performance and talent management strategy within the Laureate Education Inc. This position is responsible for monitoring business and Human Resources initiatives, programs and processes that contribute to an integrated talent management system as well as developing and reporting both quantitative and qualitative success metrics and measures for each key initiative. The person in this role will leverage, consolidate and analyze all available data in order to present a scorecard view of the talent management function. This role is part of a collaborative talent management team to deliver an overall talent management solution and reports directly to the Director of Talent and Performance Solutions.
    • Consult with talent management team and program clients to define measures of success and associated reporting and analytical needs.
    • Collaborate with HRIS and regional organizational development team to design and develop automated reporting to support Talent Review analysis.
    • Provide detailed analysis and commentary in appropriate presentation format.
    • Anticipate data needs based on business state and proactively supply data to monitor the baseline and/or support programs, initiatives and decisions.
    • Oversee and make continuous improvement in the process for talent assessments such as pre-hire assessment, 360-degree assessment and other developmental assessments
    • Partner with Accounts Payable and the vendor to manage invoice activity including automating the invoice process.
    • Assist with design, development, implementation and evaluation of various talent management programs based on best practices and workforce demographic trends.
    • Assist with design of talent management solutions and processes to support strategic initiatives.
    • Assist with maintenance and enhancement of performance management tools and related processes, including ongoing process improvement and effective integration of current and future systems.
    • Responsible for monitoring and evaluating success of training and communication programs aimed at aligning employee activities with performance management practices and organizational goals.
    • Work closely with Human Resources colleagues and key stakeholders to assist with processes and tools related to performance and talent management.
    • Develop and provide reports to management on the success of various programs designed to enhance employee performance.
    • Provide data collection process coordination & logistics support to the Talent/Leadership Review process.
    • Assess readiness and obstacles to change and determine optimal pathways and methods to accomplish change for performance and talent projects deployment.
    Job Qualifications

    Minimum Qualifications

    The successful candidate will possess bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Development, Human Resources, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Business or related field and minimum of 3 years of successful experience in development, coordination and evaluation of talent management programs (performance management, leadership development, succession management, organization development, change management); or any equivalent combination of experience, education, and training which provides the following knowledge, skills, and abilities:
    • Experience designing, implementing, and evaluating talent management programs - including supporting processes and training.
    • Experience with query design, analysis and report development.
    • Thorough understanding of key performance indicators and metrics, and the effective visual communication of data.
    • Strong analytical skills with close attention to detail.
    • Strong relationship management and interpersonal skills, with solution-oriented approaches and strong collaboration with HR and business stakeholders.
    • Ability to take ownership of projects, and manage resources to achieve project outcomes.
    • Ability to synthesize and analyze data to inform appropriate solutions, and to measure impact.
    • Strong process orientation and subject matter expertise in adult learning, performance, and talent management processes.
    • Ability to document processes clearly.
    • Ability to weave and integrate diversity and inclusion throughout talent processes.
    • Ability to effectively facilitate groups, in meetings, workshops or briefings.
    • Excellent communication abilities, both written and verbal.
    • Ability to think creatively and strategically to make recommendations and to execute assignments.
    • Ability to travel as required.
    Preferred Qualifications
    The preferred candidate will possess the following additional qualifications:
    • Related education background from Industrial/Organizational psychology or related fields.
    • MBA or graduate level education desirable
    • Strong statistical and analytical skills
    • Spanish/Portuguese bi-lingual
    • Experience with implementation of integrated performance management, leadership assessment, and/or succession management systems and processes.
    • Understanding of enterprise management systems (ERP) like Ultipro and SuccessFactors

    How to Apply

    To apply, please visit the job positing at 

  • 06/14/2016 6:58 AM | Anonymous

    National Security Agency (NSA)

    Location: Fort George G. Meade, Maryland

    About the Organization

    The National Security Agency (NSA) is a world leader in signals intelligence and information assurance. We carry out some of the nation’s most important and sensitive intelligence activities to secure information superiority for America and its allies.

    We have two primary missions. Our information assurance mission is the defense: it protects U.S. information by preventing foreign adversaries from gaining access to our information systems. Our signals intelligence mission is the offense: collecting foreign signals and producing intelligence to give U.S. policy makers and warfighters the decision advantage. NSA also enables network warfare operations to defeat terrorists and their organizations at home and abroad, consistent with U.S. laws and the protection of privacy and civil liberties.

    As the nation’s top cryptologic organization, we employ the best and the brightest, who use their intelligence to solve some of the nation’s most difficult challenges. We are a world-class cyber center, the largest employer of mathematicians in the country, as well as a national leader in foreign language analysis and research.

    Visit our new careers site at

    About the Job

    The NSA Office of Organizational Effectiveness and Workforce Research provides a broad range of client-centered, evidence-based consulting services, with units focusing on personnel selection, organizational assessment and effectiveness, and workforce analytics.

    The incumbent will work as part of a group of industrial and organizational psychologists in the Personnel Assessment Research and Development Unit. In this position, the incumbent will:

    • contribute to the design, development, validation, of high stakes personnel selection tests, including computer adaptive tests;
    • conduct test equating analyses and demonstrate equivalency of test forms
    • apply item response theory to establish and maintain item banks for static and computer adaptive tests
    • coordinate the implementation of high stakes personnel selection systems;
    • contribute to basic and applied research projects seeking to improve the measurement of critical knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics;
    • present research results at professional conferences and publish research results in professional journals; and
    • collaborate with staff in other units on the entire range of services offered by the Office of Organizational Effectiveness and Workforce Research. 

    Job Qualifications

    Salary is commensurate with education and experience. Minimum qualifications appear first, followed by a description of an ideal candidate.

    Salary Range:  $64,650 - $100,736 (Full Performance)

    Minimum Qualifications:

    Entry is with a High School diploma plus 7 years of experience, or an Associate's degree plus 7 years of experience, or a Bachelor's degree plus 2 years of experience, or a post-baccalaureate certificate and 2 years of experience, or a Master's degree.

    • Degree must be in applied social sciences or applied behavioral sciences (Human Resource Development, Sociology, Social Work, Organizational Development, Business Management).
    • Experience must be in the social sciences (e.g., organizational development, organizational effectiveness, performance improvement, social networking analysis, systems thinking).
    • Some of the experience must be current (i.e., within the past 2 years).

    Salary Range:  $92,145 - $141,555 (Senior)

    Minimum Qualifications:

    Entry is with a High School diploma and 10 years of experience, or an Associate's degree and 10 years of experience, or a Bachelor's degree and 5 years of experience, or a post-baccalaureate certificate and 5 years of experience, or a Master's degree and 2 years of experience, or a Doctoral degree.

    • Degree must be in applied social sciences or applied behavioral sciences (Human Resource Development, Sociology, Social Work, Organizational Development, Business Management).
    • Experience must be in the social sciences (e.g., organizational development, organizational effectiveness, performance improvement, social networking analysis, systems thinking).
    • Some of the experience must be current (i.e., within the past 2 years).
    • Formal or informal leadership experience is required.

    The above minimum qualifications are generic for this work role; however, for this position, the ideal candidate would be expected to

    • Hold a Master's degree and three years of experience in personnel selection or educational testing, or a Doctoral degree and one year of experience in personnel selection or educational testing.
    • Degree must be in Industrial and Organizational Psychology or a related field (Quantitative Psychology, Psychometrics, and Educational Psychology).
    • Experience analyzing and interpreting data for clients as the basis for action
    • Strong research design and analysis skills
    • Knowledge of item response theory and structural equation modeling, with preference given to candidates with experience applying knowledge in these areas'
    • Proficiency in SPSS or R
    • Strong interpersonal skills

    Pay, Benefits, & Work Schedule

    This is a full-time position, Monday through Friday with flexible hours.

    Salary is commensurate with education and experience.

    This Ad closes on July 16, 2016.

    How To Apply - External

    To apply for this position, please go to  and click the ‘Search NSA Jobs' button located at the bottom of the page and search for Personnel Research Psychologist, Job ID 1072290.  Click the ‘Apply Now’ button and after completing the application and clicking the 'Submit Final' button, you will receive a confirmation email.  Emails regarding your application status will be sent periodically.  Please ensure your spam filters are configured to accept emails from


    U.S. Citizenship is required for all applicants.  Reasonable accommodations provided to applicants with disabilities during the application and hiring process where appropriate.  NSA is an equal opportunity employer and abides by applicable employment laws and regulations.  All applicants and employees are subject to random drug testing in accordance with Executive Order 12564.  Employment is contingent upon successful completion of a security background investigation and polygraph.

    This position is a Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS) position in the Excepted Service under 10 U.S.C. 1601. DoD Components with DCIPS positions apply Veterans' Preference to eligible candidates as defined by Section 2108 of Title 5 USC, in accordance with the procedures provided in DoD Instruction 1400.25, Volume 2005, DCIPS Employment and Placement. If you are a veteran claiming veterans' preference, as defined by Section 2108 of Title 5 U.S.C., you may be asked to submit documents verifying your eligibility.       

    DCIPS Disclaimer

    The National Security Agency (NSA) is part of the DoD Intelligence Community Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS).  All positions in the NSA are in the Excepted Services under 10 United States Codes (USC) 1601 appointment authority.

  • 06/07/2016 8:10 AM | Anonymous

    Aon Hewitt

    Location: Virtual (with opportunities to work in-office in NYC, Atlanta, or Washington D.C. if desired) 

    About the Organization

    Aon is the world's premier insurance brokerage and consulting firm, with offices in more than 120 countries. We offer global insurance, reinsurance, risk management and human resources job opportunities that will empower your career. As an intern, you will be assigned to report to one of our experienced Industrial-Organizational Psychologists whose role it is to mentor you and provide you with a wide range of challenging, real world business experience. Interns will be exposed to a wide range of projects and activities to enable interns to learn extensively about consulting and the opportunity to apply I-O training to solve problems in the world’s largest organizations. The environment is flexible and supportive, giving interns the ability to work remotely and vary working hours based on a school or dissertation schedule. 

    All interns will be provided with an Aon Hewitt computer, though initial work may be done on a personal computer with SPSS and reliable email. Interns must have access to a working phone for internal and client calls. Phone charges, internet, etc. for those working remotely are not reimbursed. Office space may be available to those wishing to work in an office in NYC, Atlanta, or Washington DC. 

    About the Job

    Interns assist consulting project teams by performing activities to support the development, validation, and implementation of various selection and assessment solutions for clients. Typical activities include research, competency development, job analysis, assessment development (i.e., role plays, checklists), item writing, data gathering, data cleaning, data merging, data analysis using Excel and SPSS, technical documentation, and providing support to consultants on client calls and meetings. Interns should have most of their time focused on client work. Interns work as contract employees with most of their time on spent short-term project assignments. This position focuses on Selection & Assessment expertise (with focus on technical work and data analysis).

    Hours and Term

    Internships last from 6 months to 2 years, with a review to extend by the interns’ manager at 6 months. Hours are 20 to 40 per week (depending on student's schedule and Aon Hewitt's client needs) and 50%+ availability during daytime business hours. Internships are capped at 2 years, with intern positions being focused on contractor work arrangements (via our partner).


    The pay schedule is as follows:

    • Starting wage $17/hour with pay and performance reviews every 6 months.
    • Increases are made in $2 - $4 increments per manager discretion (with Service Line Leader approval). Any raises are based on performance and level of achievement in PhD program (i.e., defending Master’s thesis) and must adhere to a 6 month schedule.
    • Total hourly pay shall not exceed $25 per hour.

    Job Requirements

    Principle Duties and Responsibilities

    • Heavy focus on selection and assessment, with special focus on validation, technical reports, analyses, and SPSS.
    • Coordinate and execute logistical aspects of projects, communicating with clients as needed.
    • Revise standard materials (e.g. data collection tools, competency models, technical reports, validation results, assessment materials, leadership reports) to reflect client specific needs and contribute to the development of new materials.
    • Analyze validation or other assessment-specific data and manage data sets, using Excel and SPSS.
    • Create client presentations or technical documentation, including exhibits and appendices; research, compose, and review sections of technical documentation in accordance with professional guidelines and standards.
    • Facilitate and ensure quality of data collection sessions at client’s sites to support validation or other data requirements.

    Required Skills

    Written and Oral Communication Skills, Organizational Skills, Work Orientation, Interpersonal Skills, Teamwork, Attention to Detail, Data Analysis, Research Design, Technical Skills (in the areas of Competency Modeling, Validation Strategies, Job Analysis, Employee Selection and Assessment, statistics, SPSS, and MS programs such as Excel, Word, and Powerpoint)

    Required Qualifications

    • Enrolled in a PhD program, with ABD status preferred
    • Willingness to travel in the USA should the need arise

    How to Apply

    Email resume to

  • 06/06/2016 8:43 AM | Anonymous

    International Public Management Association for Human Resources

    Location: Alexandria, VA

    About the Organization

    IPMA HR is the leading public sector human resource organization in the world. We represent the interests of human resource professionals at all levels and strive to promote excellence in HR management.

    Serving HR professionals since 1906, IPMA-HR is your resource for comprehensive and timely HR industry news, jobs, policies, resources, education, and professional development opportunities.  IPMA-HR also provides public safety examinations for the purpose of hiring and promotions for over 60 years. 

    About the Job

    Human Resource association in Alexandria is looking for a creative HR professional to join our Assessment Services Research and Development Team. 

    Responsibilities will include the design and development of assessment products and practical tools for HR practitioners with an emphasis on public safety selection/promotional examinations.  New test development will include job analysis, topic research, question writing and validation studies. 

    Responsibilities will also include maintaining existing tests and their supporting documents, assisting consultants with test development projects, fielding technical assessment related inquiries from test customers, writing technical articles, and coordinating the online testing system. 

    Good opportunity for self-starter with innovative ideas.  Masters degree in I/O Psychology or related area preferred.  Experience working in assessment and/or with a government agency Human Resource Department a plus.  Salary commensurate with experience. 

    How to Apply

    To apply, please send resume to or fax 703-684-0948, and also include salary history and expectations. 

  • 06/06/2016 8:39 AM | Anonymous

    U.S. Office of Personnel Management

    Location: Washington, DC 

    Applications will be accepted from Tuesday, May 31st to Tuesday, June 14, 2016.

    About the Job

    This Intern position is part of the Pathways Internship Program within the Office of Personnel Management, Assessment & Evaluation Branch, HR Strategy & Evaluation Solutions, Human Resources Solutions (HRS). HRS provides exceptional human resources products and services to meet the dynamic needs of the Federal government by offering customer focused, optimal solutions in staff acquisition, personnel and organizational assessment, HR strategy, leadership training, workforce planning and much more. The Assessment & Evaluation Branch delivers high quality employment and organizational assessment services to client agencies and provides cutting-edge HR management services by conducting basic, applied, and innovative research encompassing the full gamut of human capital management, with a specific focus on individual, organizational, and outcome assessment.

    How to Apply

    If you or someone you know has any questions about the position, please contact Matisha Montgomery at  

    To apply, please visit the announcement on USA Jobs: 

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