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Bridgewater Associates, LP 

Location: Westport, CT 


Our mission is to bring idea meritocracies to the world, in other words, organizations in which the best ideas win. Humans are naturally and historically poor at decision making, and the costs are high: opportunities squandered, businesses wrecked, people hurt.  Why? Human ego, frailty, and bias. The idea meritocracy exists to help people get what they want out of life. Our team has set out to systemize a better way for people to work together, to build strong and vibrant communities, and ultimately to achieve world class results. We equip people with the ability to understand one another, thoughtfully disagree, stress test ideas, and compound knowledge through objective decision making.

Team & Product

Dave Ferrucci, the creator of IBM’s Watson and founder of Elemental Cognition, has joined forces with Ray Dalio, founder of the largest and most successful hedge fund in history and author of New York Times #1 bestseller, Principles. Together, they lead a multidisciplinary team of engineers, scientists, and artists creating a platform that combines the best qualities of intelligent systems and intelligent humans.

By collecting streams of real time experimental and observational data from a large and ever-growing number of sources, we construct and fit statistical, machine learning, and optimization models of people and of work. In a collegial atmosphere we debate modeling of human character, and what is the best ontology to represent it. We ask ourselves questions like: how do we know what people are like? Who is best for a given job? How can we work, together, better, more effectively? How can we generalize these insights into a broader framework that allows for the differences between cultures and workplaces? And, since we aspire to help people all over the world, we engineer for scale—a suite of applications built atop a forward thinking scalable and distributed architecture, to sustain a beautiful user experience within a rich ecosystem.


  • Research into systemized decision support for people management
  • Contribute to the core conceptual model for a systemized management product
  • Own creation, refinement, and rationalization of our algorithms
  • Design and conduct experiments to demonstrate the value of our algorithms
  • Work with heuristics and small data, and propose performance metrics for the same
  • Employ good statistical intuitions, particularly around unsupervised learning
  • Explore practical approaches to a complex problem space
  • Prototype, evaluate, and refine ideas in code
  • Arrive at practical conclusions that can be shipped

Position Requirements:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Team player
  • Able to prioritize well and identify pragmatic, impactful approaches to complex problems
  • A creative, original, and agile thinker
  • Master’s degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Operations Research, Computational Social Science, or similar field
  • ~ 5 years of experience developing production software on a team, ideally in Python with exposure to git, AWS, Spark
  • ~ 5 years of applying statistics in a work environment
  • Has led the roll out of a new software product or of substantial new features in an existing one
  • Experience developing algorithms and heuristics
  • Experience with “small data”
  • Experience designing experiments and evaluating results.  Comfortable proposing evaluation metrics

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Operations Research, Computational Social Science, or similar field
  • Organizational Psychology background
  • Previous experience with People Analytics and/or psychometric assessments
  • Breadth of experience
Bridgewater Associates, LP is an Affirmative Action – Equal Opportunity Employer. 

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