Professional Calendar - 12-month calendar, updated monthly by Lance Seberhagen (updated August 2014):
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Upcoming events

    • 09/10/2014
    • 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
    • UMBC Shady Grove Campus, Room TBD
    Title: 2014 PTCMW Career Panel

    Panel Participants: Dave Cohen (DCI Consulting), Amy Grubb (FBI), Joy Oliver (SRA International), Dan Rosenberg (Marriott International), and Alana Cober (USAID) 
    Online registrations by 5pm ET the day before; Food provided at the event.
    Panel: 5:30-7:00, Social Hour: 7:00-8:00.

    UMBC Shady Grove Campus, Room TBD
    9630 Gudelsky Drive, Rockville, MD 20850 (visitor details)
    This event, hosted by the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), brings together a diverse panel of professionals working in the field of I/O Psychology. The panel will address topics such as career experiences in the field of I/O, career paths in I/O, tips for obtaining jobs and internships, etc. Panel participant biographies are as follows:

    Dave Cohen, M.A., DCI Consulting

    David Cohen is the founder and President of DCI Consulting Group, Inc. He provides consulting services to employers and management law firms on a wide range of human resource risk management strategies, particularly in the areas of EEO/affirmative action program development, systemic compensation statistical analyses, comprehensive human resources self-audits, and employee selection and test validation.


    Alana B. Cober, Ph.D., USAID
    Senior Technical Advisor, Office of Human Resources

    Alana B. Cober is a Senior Technical Advisor at USAID in the Office of Human Resources focused on supporting Performance Management, Executive Resources, and the Agency’s Awards programs. Dr. Cober joined USAID in October 2013. Before joining USAID, Dr. Cober worked in the Intelligence Community for both the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Prior to ODNI, she was a Supervisory Personnel Psychologist at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) within the Department of Homeland Security for almost 8 years. Before her federal career, Dr. Cober helped both public and private sector organizations increase their effectiveness by providing litigation support for human resource issues, developing training programs and evaluations, working on 360-degree performance appraisal systems, and developing organizational selection tools. Dr. Cober earned her Ph.D.  and M.S. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from The University of Akron.


    Amy D. Grubb, Ph.D., FBI
    Senior Organizational Psychologist

    Amy D. Grubb is the senior Industrial/Organizational Psychologist at the FBI.  In her fifteen years with the FBI, she has been responsible for the implementation of a number of change initiatives, from serving as a leader on the post-9/11 enterprise-wide transformation of the FBI to a balanced national security and law enforcement mission (the Strategic Execution Team) to implementing HR systems and processes at all levels.   A 2010 FBI Director’s Award for Excellence recipient for creating the organizational development function at the FBI, she instituted the first corporate-wide FBI Annual Employee Survey and has extensively integrated it with organizational processes and operational programs.  Dr. Grubb received the 2012 FBI Director’s Award for Excellence for development and implementation of an integrated Leadership Development Program for all employees at all stages of the employment lifecycle.  Prior to the FBI, she worked as a consultant with the Vandaveer Group in Houston, TX.  Amy D. Grubb earned her Ph.D. (1999) and M.A. (1997) in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Houston, earning her bachelor’s degree from Villanova University.


    Joy Oliver, Ph.D., SRA International
    Lead Consultant
    Dr. Joy Oliver is a Lead Consultant in the Strategy and Performance Group of SRA International. Dr. Oliver areas of expertise include job and task analysis, test and survey development, competency modeling, workforce planning analytics, and program evaluation. She has conducted analysis for a number of initiatives dedicated toward improving both civilian and military agencies’ human capital management. Dr. Oliver has a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville (2008) and was a Fulbright Fellow (the Netherlands, 2002-2003).


    Dan Rosenberg, M.S., SPHR, Marriott International
    Senior Manager, Talent Management Analytics & Solutions
    Dan Rosenberg is a Senior Manager of Talent Management Analytics and Solutions at Marriott International.  Before joining Marriott International, Dan worked across a broad range of public and private employers including Colgate-Palmolive, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Duke University, Federal Management Partners Consulting, and Discovery Communications. He possesses 15 years of experience across a wide of array of HR areas including Diversity, Employee Relations, Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action, Recruitment, Learning & Development, HR Information Systems, Benefits, Compensation, Position Management, and HR Analytics. Dan earned his Master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from North Carolina State University where his focus was on Creativity in the workplace.

Past events

08/20/2014 August 2014 Luncheon/Webcast: Dr. Heather Wolters, Army Research Institute
07/09/2014 July 2014 Workshop & Webcast: Dr. Charles Handler, President & Founder of Rocket-Hire
06/11/2014 June 2014 Luncheon/Webcast: Dr. Andrew Biga, JetBlue Airways
05/21/2014 May 2014 Luncheon/Webcast: Dr. Joel Wiesen, Applied Personnel Research
04/09/2014 April 2014 Luncheon/Webcast: Dr. Rich Cober, Marriott International
03/12/2014 March 2014 Workshop & Webcast: Dr. Lorin Mueller, Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy
02/18/2014 February 2014 Luncheon: Dr. John Jones, General Dynamics IT
01/08/2014 January 2014 Luncheon: Dr. Brodie Gregory, PDRI a CEB Co.
12/11/2013 December 2013 Luncheon: Dr. Dan Putka, HumRRO
11/06/2013 2013 PTCMW Fall Event
11/06/2013 Webcast: 2013 PTCMW Fall Presentation by Dr. Frank Schmidt
10/09/2013 October 2013 Luncheon/Webcast: Drs. Eric Sydell & Marc Wenzel, Shaker Consulting Group
09/11/2013 Special Event: 2013 PTCMW Career Panel
08/23/2013 August 2013 Workshop & Webcast: Wayne Cascio, University of Colorado
07/10/2013 July 2013 Workshop: Dr. Eric Dunleavy, DCI Consulting Group
06/12/2013 June 2013 Luncheon: Dr. Neal Schmitt, Polaris Assessment Systems / Michigan State University
05/08/2013 May 2013 Luncheon: Frederick Panzer & Sara Kindsfater-Yerkes, Team Catapult
04/24/2013 April 2013 Luncheon: Ben Porr and colleagues, Federal Management Partners
03/26/2013 PTC/MW Networking Happy Hour
03/13/2013 March 2013 Workshop: Bill Macey & Sarah Johnson, CEB
02/05/2013 February 2013 Luncheon (TUESDAY): Dr. Kurt Kraiger, Colorado State
01/16/2013 January 2013 Luncheon: Dr. Lorin Mueller, FSBPT
12/05/2012 December 2012 Luncheon: Presidential Address
11/14/2012 2012 PTCMW Fall Event
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